Event photography is an enjoyable ⁠ and thrilling niche. Photography of events is a medium of capturing important moments of events, from the largest to the smallest. It is a challenging yet rewarding niche, requiring keen observation, rapid thinking, and the ability to wait patiently for the perfect shot. Taking photos of moments that only happen once may be challenging, but these event ⁠ photography tips will elevate your pictures at special occasions like events and concerts. ‌

Top 10 Event Photography Tips: 

Understand the Event

Before you begin photographing an event, take the time to understand its purpose, schedule, and key moments. Meet with the event organizers or planners to gain insights into the event’s flow, important individuals, and any specific shots they desire. This understanding will help you anticipate crucial moments and capture them effectively..

Plan and Prepare

Preparation is key to successful event photography. Ensure your gear is in top condition and bring backup equipment. Familiarize yourself with the event venue and lighting conditions beforehand. Create a shot list to ensure you capture all essential aspects of the event, including portraits, candid moments, details, and group shots. Planning ahead allows you to focus on capturing moments rather than worrying about logistics.

Lens Type

Using a different lens can change how ⁠ good the final image looks. To make your photograph brighter, try using a lens with ⁠ an f/1.8 aperture as it brings in more light. When the aperture is wider, more light goes into the ⁠ camera and the depth of field becomes shallower. Usually, lenses with a set millimeter measurement are ⁠ sharper than lenses with a variety. Fixed lenses have a drawback because you need to move yourself ⁠ to change the composition, instead of zooming with the lens. When deciding between lenses, consider the ⁠ shooting distance as well. ‍

Pay Attention to Lighting

When you’re taking pictures in a really dark event ⁠ location, having portable artificial lighting is important. A few photographers like to use flash, ⁠ whereas others choose continuous light. Flash is without a doubt more favored and simpler to operate, ⁠ although it can be difficult if you lack much experience. If that’s the scenario, you should investigate ⁠ using an off-camera flash instead. Continuous light is much easier to manage but ⁠ can be distracting during the event. Remember these things when choosing what ⁠ lighting event photography equipment to bring. In addition, remember to pack additional ⁠ batteries and memory cards. To avoid having a full or damaged card, or a battery that is out ⁠ of power during the event, it’s smart to bring a car charger.  

Camera Setting

Burst mode and continuous focus are ⁠ super cool for event photography! If the guests are moving quickly, ⁠ burst mode becomes necessary. Different camera brands use different ⁠ names for continuous focus. Canon users know it as AI Servo ⁠ and Nikon users call it AF-C. By using this setting, the camera can concentrate on the ⁠ subject and chase after them when they move. The camera settings also influence the ⁠ style desired by the client. ‌

Capturing Candid Moments

Formal shots are essential for events like birthdays. However, don’t forget to take candid shots as well, since they often reflect personality and energy that can lead to beautiful photographs. These candid photos are usually the ones that your customers will treasure the most. Nevertheless, try to steer clear of any unflattering candid shots like someone eating food or making a funny face. 

Pre-event Photography

Capture the location, table arrangements, and other ⁠ exquisite details before the attendees arrive. Customers will be grateful for a picture of the setting ⁠ that they used so much time (and money) on. ‍

Putting People At Ease

Numerous people feel uncomfortable when being photographed, and ⁠ this is noticeable in the pictures. Being nice and offering gentle direction ⁠ can be really helpful. Don’t hesitate to assume control, but aim ⁠ for a cheerful and motivating atmosphere. Remember to stand tall and straight ⁠ when posing for formal photographs.

Perfect Group Shot 

When you’re taking a picture of a lot of people together (or several ⁠ times), it’s important to remember some things so your photo looks amazing. To keep people in the background from causing any distractions in your shot, choose ⁠ to shoot from an elevated spot like a balcony or a solid chair. Use a wide lens (24-35mm equivalent is recommended) to ⁠ fit everyone in without introducing too much distortion. Doing this will make it simpler to light them ⁠ evenly and place them in the frame. If you want to achieve even lighting, consider using several lights such as a ⁠ flash or LED fresnel inside umbrellas positioned on either side of the group. Utilizing a tripod will additionally aid you in ⁠ capturing multiple shots with the identical framing. At last, use a smaller opening (around ⁠ f5.6-8) and capture a test photo. To fix blurry faces, try adjusting the ⁠ aperture by increasing the f-number. ​

Be on time

Last but most important tip, when capturing moments at an event through ⁠ photography, give it your absolute best. This rule can be used in ⁠ any client meetings you attend. Being punctual for your first impression will set ⁠ you off on the right foot. ​

The Bottom Line

Our event photography tips aim ⁠ to benefit you. Hillside Kreative offers a wide range of affordable event photography services ,⁠ if you require a photographer for your event. Our professional event photographers in Adelaide can be at your ⁠ event asap after you book them! ⁠

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